Invest in an ambitious European touristic start-up

One day we got tired of the constant search for new routes and ideas for travelling. The existing services and applications could hardly cover our needs and we started to find it more difficult every time to look for something new and interesting. At a certain point we understood that we required a pocket guidebook of a traveller that could give us the maximum of useful and continuously updated information.

Joingoing’s main slogan “Travel, do not look for” showed up by itself.
For two years we have been developing this idea. We tried different approaches in the interface, used to combine tourism services, developed and implemented a unique functionality.

We have created a service that allows tourists all over the world to share their travelling experiences and get paid real remunerations for that.

We have collected more than a million of different tourism attractions for more than two hundred countries, hundreds of thousands of regularly updated events from global services as well as from local town and regional resources, we have prepared integrations with associated services, added such functions as: an automatic translation, a speech synthesizer and so on.

Nowadays Joingoing is an application that has been installed by more than 10,000 users all over the world. Its interface is available in five languages and its publications are available in most of the known languages.

While working upon Joingoing we have provided the foundation for the service that is in demand even in the conditions of closed borders and other restrictions connected with the pandemic.

We have formed a wonderful distributed team that includes promotion specialists, translators, copywriters, designers and other experts.

We are deeply grateful to our first investor who believed in our project a year ago and who continues to support us despite all the difficulties in the tourism sector caused by the pandemic.

If you are interested in investing into the forward-looking start-up with a legal entity in the European Union, we shall be pleased to give you a presentation (delivered face-to-face as well as on-line) and we shall send you a financial plan. Please, write to or leave your contacts in the form below, we shall get back to you.

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